Pacifigorgia Red Sea Fan nr1


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• 3D Sea fan is mounted on a white background

• Framed in bespoke black box 3.5 cm deep frame with glass

• Dimension in frame: 48 cm high x 58 cm wide



This real natural dried sea fan in lovely shades of rust orange and red brown (close to terra cotta red)

The Red Sea Fan ( Pacifigorgia ) is an octocorals and members of the Gorgoniidae Family, that is known in Mexico as Abanico del mar rojo. Is widely distributed in tropical waters of indo-pacific ocean.

It was collected on the beach in Mexico 22°52’35.4″N 109°53’46.7″W …in April 2018 after a storm.

The Red Sea Fans have a growth pattern whereby all branches grow in one plane, interlocking to form a flat lattice structure, originating from a single holdfast and a single stem. Sea Fan itself measures 10.2 tall, 13 wide inch

Photos are an important part of my description so please use the enlarge feature to see all details of the fan. Common wear issues such as small internal tears and folds will not be noted in my description nor will color inconsistencies


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