Hello Everyone, Greetings and Welcome!!

My name is Kate and I’m the face behind Exclusive Ocean

I’m a totally

self-taught artist and a HUGE nature lover……I currently travels around the world. Life is our best teacher. Blessed to live in a places that gives me constant inspiration. 

I love to work on nature themes as much as I love  to be creative, using my imagination, combining abstract thoughts and realistic elements. I am experimental and open minded in my approach to my work and appreciate all  forms of art  and fellow artists who create with passion. What matters to me is creating an impression that inspires emotion. I like to study and recreate the magnificent masterpieces found in the sea and beaches around the world.  My influences are drawn from books and my respect for the oceans. For as long as I can remember I have always loved simple forms and classical minimalism.  Across all areas of my life, ranging from architecture, interior design through to drawing, jewelry and painting, beautiful simple forms of expression have always appealed to me more than anything else. I find freedom and calm in art as it allows me to wander.

All my life

I was, and still am, fascinated by the synergy of the ocean. The different  aspects and the craftsmanship which  breed  a second life to one specific moment of this synergy in an artwork,  amalgamating in to one piece of art. Creating works for my Exclusive Ocean shop is an enormous pleasure for me to find and bring to you. The most beautiful specimens  created to excite  and delight  presented in their natural colour……the beauty of these works of art is the greatest worth and this is my primary mission.

I work with many people around the world to provide the highest quality  art. My mission is to take the beauty I see in the world and bring it into your heart and home by designing a creative décor, just for you. You will receive a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. The only one in the world, there are no  two the same…………every piece is unique.  This sea fans are not harvest from the sea and are not protected species and listed on CITES

Exclusive Ocean is

dedicated to preserving the reefs of our oceans together with all the lovely things that live within the sea and on the shore. For that reason, we never remove living creatures from their natural habitat in order to create our artwork. Rather, we carefully beach-comb for remnants, sea fans, and fossils that have been left behind as a part of nature’s life cycle. It is our hope that in using the items that nature has left behind people can appreciate the natural wonder and beauty of the ocean and their shorelines.

To provide you with a timeless, natural piece of artwork for you to enjoy every day. That is my desire. I hope my art will compliment your home and bring to you good vibe and joy.

The Creation of art is my biggest passion